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The Story of ahasa

It would be quite right if we refer to ourselves as a bunch of tech nerds who are heavily involved in trying to solve complex business problems with technology! A while back when we were all busy in our own tech universes, the world suddenly started to change – business operations had taken a major shift towards a completely remote-based work culture. This got our Tech Hub in sunny Sri Lanka thinking about how we could deliver our tech solutions to our customers around the world and continue our business operations remotely while ensuring our client servicing needs are met on time.

A seed was then planted to solve this business problem, which converted into a great idea that lead us to develop a new technology platform that would allow our customers across the world to flourish and continue business operations effectively using new and advanced technology – the sky was the limit for its possibilities!

ahasa® was then born – a Kubernetes-based Cloud-native platform that allows you to orchestrate technological solutions right from design to deployment with just a few clicks of a button. This inexpensive, time-saving process is now a reality, which provides our customers the capability to deliver technology that took months or years to deliver, in just a few days!

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