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ahasa adds value to your existing Cloud service provider with simplified orchestration

ahasa is a Kubernetes IDE in the cloud that assists customers in getting the most out of their IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform by allowing a seamless click to deploy option for running containerised applications. ahasa customers can choose to deploy their containerised applications to an IaaS provider of choice such as AWS or GCP, with several other providers in the works to be supported in the near future

Simplify processes and build applications using your Cloud provider at speed

ahasa was built upon the fundamental principle of making life easier for developers and other stakeholders to deploy and manage k8s on PaaS platforms such as AWS/GCP much faster while keeping the development under control.  

This drastically decreases the version management overheads using the CI/CD pipeline and allows the developers to utilize their release time on new development projects, thus making new releases more frequent. This also results in increased usage of both the ahasa platform and the services of the Cloud providers such as AWS/GCP.  

This becomes beneficial to ahasa, the Cloud vendors as well as the customers, providing all three parties with monetization opportunities and faster ROIs. 

Use ahasa to help users deploy clusters seamlessly on your existing Cloud provider

There are situations where potential customers are reluctant to move to Cloud-based containerization because of the complications involved with configurations required to implement these. With the ahasa platform, users can easily perform the configurations which are needed to deploy clusters on Cloud vendors such as AWS/GCP when deploying k8s without much difficulty as the ahasa platform makes the configuration process seamless and intuitive. This eases the cluster deployment process and generates a positive word of mouth within the tech community. This opens a new channel for new customers to sign up with ahasa, thus bringing more customers to the PaaS providers too!

Execute highly secured integrations with your Cloud vendor

Security is a crucial component which is often overlooked when integrations are implemented. ahasa considers security as a top priority and has implemented secure measures to execute all operations within and out of the platform. According to research done by RedHat, 59% of respondents are most worried about unaddressed security and compliance needs or threats to containers. ahasa uses secure algorithms and modules to make sure that all your data including user information and APIs related to the integrations are secured and cannot be tampered by any third parties.