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Use Cases

Simplified App Discovery & Integration for Seamless Architectural Design

Mix and match Apps to design and integrate for Kubernetes orchestration

The Problem

Multiple vendor apps used on multiple platforms by users, for solution architecture design, takes away important development and delivery effort which costs both time and moneyThese apps needed for software design, once discovered and designed on multiple systems, need to be then shared across multiple teams for effective execution.  

The Solution

ahasa enables users to contribute design and innovation by simplifying the discovery of apps and strengthening the integration capability during solution execution.

Onboarding Preferred Multi-Apps for Rich Solution Design

Secure & Flexible Private Product Catalogs for Kubernetes Design 


The Problem

Developers need a perfect playground that allows the selection of specific apps from a variety of sources required to craft unique solutions tmeet certain business demands. This means that developers require advanced onboarding apps that are also outside of a Public app marketplace. 

The Solution

With ahasa, we don’t want your innovation to stop there – so we have introduced a Private Catalog featurewhere you can bring your own private apps, or other preferred third-party apps and onboard these to the ahasa platform and create your own products before deploying end-to-end solutions as per your preference. User control is instilled through ahasa’s admin account which allows you to offer access to other users of the system to design and play with the new products inside the Private Catalog.

ahasa users are able to bring their preferred Kubernetes based containerized apps easily onboard to their Private Catalog for solution designing and seamless software development in just three simple steps: 

Step 1: Onboard the product to the ahasa Private Catalog 

Step 2:  Conduct version management for your managed apps 

Step 3: Publish product to be available on the private catalog 

Use CI/CD for Automating and Speeding Up Kubernetes Solution Integration and Deployment Lifecycles

Faster Kubernetes Develop-to-Deployment  for DevOps


The Problem

During integration and deployment of product lifecycles and due to the complexities faced when writing codes, the inability to detect code errors may lead to time delays. Considerable effort is wasted in terms of allocation of resources.  Furthermoresiloed products and multiple integration efforts with repetitive integration work extends the life span of a project unnecessarily, resulting in delayed timetomarket and lost opportunities that would have been coverted to real revenue 

The Solution

With the ahasa CI/CD methodology, issues can be detected and resolved quickly, which leads to safe and timely release development effortahasa’s automation that comes with advanced integration capabilities ensures fewer integration bottlenecks, leading to accelerated timetomarket.

Deploy Solutions Across Multiple Regions for Faster Service Delivery

Multi-Cloud Deployment Across Multi-Regions and Multiple Business Units 


The Problem

If an enterprise users need to be tied down to a single Cloud provider, then it takes away the business’s flexibility of choosing from multiple options that will hinder the true potential of Kubernetes orchestration.   


The Solution

ahasa takes away the complexity and monotony that comes with operating with a single service provider. The multi-provider solution design in ahasa allows enterprises to create smart Kubernetes-based architectures that incorporate multi-Cloud vendors to roll-outs out across a wider customer base in different regions of the business, ensuring that customers are offered a consistent and fast service experience.