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Say goodbye to the complexities of deploying containers across multiple cloud environments. Say hello to Ahasa - the multicloud delivery platform that simplifies container deployment and management for DevOps Engineers.

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Ahasa Makes Life Easy for DevOps Teams

DevOps Teams ❤️ Ahasa because our solution delivers the automation, developers and operations want with the right level of automation, standardisation, monitoring, control, and governance DevOps teams need. With Ahasa, these teams take advantage of the following services:

Ahasa Makes Life Easy for DevOps Teams

Key Features of Ahasa
Simple & Easy
key features integrate containers
Effortlessly Integrate Containers through Low-code Canvas
Multicloud Deployment like a Pro
add on catalogue
Add-on Catalogues
monitoring deployment
Monitoring Deployments & Operations Seamlessly
Kubernetes Distros & Managed Services
Google GKE
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Amazon EKS
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The Value of Ahasa for
DevOps Teams


Faster Deployment on Google Cloud


Faster Deployment on AWS


Great UX

Multicloud Deployment

Container Integration on Low-Code Canvas

We’re building tools that DevOps love

Design Kubernetes solutions by integrating containers on a low-code solution canvas

Deploy it on any cloud environment

It's easy to use with a great UX

Deploying Kubernetes 7x faster on Google Cloud & 10x faster on AWS

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See for yourself how Ahasa delivers the automation developers and operations want with the right level of standardisation, control and governance DevOps teams need!

Ahasa's Product Offerings

Ahasa’s Kubernetes Operations Platform is designed to help DevOps teams and service providers to easily deploy, integrate and manage Kubernetes environments in the following scales:

Ahasa for Individuals & Small Teams

Through Ahasa, Solution Architects and DevOps Engineers can onboard Kubernetes applications and create solutions through Ahasa’s canvas. DevOps engineers can use Ahasa to deploy their solution using public infrastructures (GCP, AWS).

Ahasa for Enterprise

Ahasa for Enterprise is available in both SaaS and on-premise versions and allows DevOps teams to seamlessly manage multicloud environments and workloads while helping them accelerate container deployment.

Ahasa for Data Centre Operators

Ahasa for data centre operators is designed for those who wish to provide Kubernetes services and orchestration to their customers and generate new revenue streams.

Learn How to Accelerate Kubernetes & Streamline Operations

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