Understanding the World of Containerization: Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

14th March 2023

LATAM: 1.00 pm (UTC -5) / 11.30pm IST
EUROPE: 6.00 pm (UTC +0) / 11.30 pm IST
APAC: 1.00 pm (UTC +8) / 10.30 am IST

Containers are being used by an increasing number of IT professionals as a method to reduce IT costs, improve the efficiency of DevOps, accelerate deployment, provide a faster time to market, streamline workflows, and provide portability across computing environments. Container technology and orchestration are transforming application deployment and management in a multi-node distributed environment at scale.

In this webinar, participants will have the opportunity to learn about containerization and its various benefits, including real-world examples of container virtualisation. The webinar will also delve into the challenges encountered prior to Containerization and how containers came to be. In addition, participants will explore container applications and the deployment tools available, including the popular tool Ahasa. By the end of the webinar, attendees will have a comprehensive understanding of Containerization and its practical applications.

During this webinar, learn about

Dilmi Wijerathne

Product Owner, Ahasa

As the Product Owner of Ahasa, a Container Deployment Platform, Dilmi excels in translating product strategy & roadmaps into actionable tasks, while working with cross-functional agile teams to ensure the timely execution of projects.

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