3.1 Signing Up

1. Go to Ahasa.

2. Click Create an account.

Figure 3.1.1: Ahasa Login Page

3. Enter the following information.

Figure 3.1.2: Ahasa Sign-Up Page
  • Email Address – Enter the email address.
  • First Name – Enter the First Name.
  • Last Name – Enter the Last Name,
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions.

4. Click Sign Up. You will receive an email to the given email address to proceed further.

Figure 3.1.3: Successful Account Creation

5. On the email click the URL. You will be directed to the Sign In Page.

Figure 3.1.4: Navigating to the URL from the email

6. Login with the Username and Password provided in the email.

Figure 3.1.5: Signing In for the first time

7. At the first sign-in, you need to set a new password for your account. Enter the New PasswordConfirm New Password, and click Continue.

Figure 3.1.6: Setting New Password during the first login

8. To set up your portal, enter the Portal Name, and Site Address (the sub-domain address for your portal) and click Submit.

Figure 3.1.7: Setting up the Portal

Once complete, you will be directed to your Ahasa Portal Homepage.

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