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Wavenet Launches A Revolutionary Containerized Application Orchestration Platform for CSPs – ahasa®


[Thursday, 18 February 2021]

Global Wavenet ( today announced the launch of a revolutionary containerized application orchestration platform named “ahasa”. Using the Ahasa platform, enterprises can design, integrate and deploy containerized applications, in their choice of either a Public Cloud such AWS, or a Private Cloud such as VMware. The platform will change the way mobile Operators, communication service providers and enterprises will consume software applications online.

Users of ahasa ® are able to visually design, integrate, deploy and manage end-to-end solutions based on business requirements. The platform assists in orchestrating infrastructure (widely known as CI/CD and commonly associated with launching software applications) quickly and easily into the market. The kubernetes-based platform streamlines enterprise Cloud applications (apps) on a serverless Cloud environment and is aimed predominantly at assisting CSPs with multiple complex app connectivity needs.

Ahasa user accounts are free to sign up, and once logged in, users can discover and select from a range of Wavenet apps. Users can create full technology solution architectures on a digital Canvas using simple drag and drop functions which follows the low-code no-code concept before interconnecting these seamlessly to quickly deploy solutions. The new platform further brings-in efficiencies by assisting CSPs in the test and deployment of services easily, and without having to build new applications or use complex code. It also supports standard production deployment patterns such as Blue Green, rolling updates and Canary releases, amongst others. CSPs are able to easily scale, enhance, launch services and become nimble in deploying digital solutions into the market to gain a competitive edge.

For other enterprise users, the ease of ‘app discovery’ and quick time-to-market are obvious benefits of the platform. It will reduce costs associated with Cloud technology development, and investment in skills needed to manage independent web services when launching solutions. The platform also diminishes additional capital required to build, host and manage separate web services.

Wavenet’s VP Engineering, Varatharaja Kajamugan commented: “Ahasa can essentially be considered as a tool that impacts traditional technology models for service-oriented architecture design and execution. Ahasa currently uses Kubernetes-based container orchestration, and Open standard APIs and protocol communication for integration. The platform can be installed on either a Public or Private Cloud, or ‘on-premise’ based on the customer’s individual requirement. This reduces CSP Capex and Opex investments while delivering deployment efficiencies and flexibilities through features such as lead-time management, version experience and controls, roll-backs, and pre-testing of deployments before production”.

Suren Pinto, CEO of Global Wavenet commented on this occasion, “It’s a significant milestone for us as a business and a proud moment for Wavenet! With Ahasa, we are changing the game for CSPs, enterprises and Operators by simplifying how containerized applications are orchestrated, integrated, and operated. The advanced capabilities in service orchestration means faster time to market, and more importantly, faster time to realize revenue for CSPs and enterprises. Our aim here, is to make the CSP journey into Cloud and containerized applications as painless and smooth as possible. We believe that Ahasa with its rich orchestration features and capabilities will move the needle for CSPs when it comes to digital transformation.

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