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An Enterprise grade Kubernetes platform designed for enterprise DevOps Teams driving standardisation and adoption of Kubernetes across the organisation

Ahasa helps DevOps teams reduce the heavy lifting involved with Kubernetes, specifically addressing the pain points associated with traditional adoption of Kubernetes.

Ahasa Makes Life Easy for DevOps Teams

DevOps Teams ❤️ Ahasa because our solution delivers the automation, developers and operations want with the right level of automation, standardisation, monitoring, control, and governance DevOps teams need. With Ahasa, these teams take advantage of the following services:

Ahasa Makes Life Easy for DevOps Teams

Key Features of Ahasa
Simple & Easy
Effortlessly Integrate Containers through Low-code Canvas
Multicloud Deployment like a Pro
Add-on Catalogues
Monitoring Deployments & Operations Seamlessly
Kubernetes Distros & Managed Services
Google GKE
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Amazon EKS
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What does Ahasa do?

Ahasa is a multi-cloud Kubernetes management platform that is designed to integrate seamlessly with managed Kubernetes services such as EKS and GKE as well as Kubernetes platforms such as Rancher. It provides a single enterprise-wide platform to manage app and cluster life cycles as well as providing the right levels of automation, standardisation, monitoring, control, and governance.

Where does Ahasa fit?

Ahasa sits on top of managed Kubernetes and Kubernetes distributions and provides the following out-of-the-box platform services.

How does Ahasa work?

Ahasa works as the single control point for multiple clusters and workloads spread across multiple cloud services on both public and private clouds.

Ahasa’s Key Differentiators

Support for SaaS & On-Premises Deployments

Get up and running in minutes with Ahasa SaaS. Enjoy cloud benefits such as scalability, continuous updates with carrier grade four 9’s (99.99%) uptime. Customers requiring on-premises deployments for compliance and regulatory reasons can choose Ahasa Enterprise edition for ultimate security and flexibility with support for air-gapped environments.

Streamline & Speed Up Public Cloud Deployments with Ahasa

Ahasa enables enterprise DevOps teams to rapidly deploy Kubernetes containers in public cloud environments allowing them to streamline the deployment process by reducing the steps required for deployment.

Automatically Expose K8 Applications to Internet Users with Pre-provisioned DNS Subdomain Capabilities

Ahasa automatically creates a DNS subdomain for deployed applications allowing seamless access via the internet for users, further simplifying the deployment and operations for DevOps teams.

Solution Design Canvas

Traditional Kubernetes management tools allow the deployment of a single container into a cloud environment. Integrating multiple Kubernetes containers and creating a single solution out of that remains manual heavy lifting.

With Ahasa, enterprise DevOps teams can onboard their Kubernetes containers and use the low-code design canvas to design and integrate multiple Kubernetes containers into a single solution. As a result, multiple fully integrated Kubernetes containers can be deployed as a single solution.

Out-of-the-box Integrations with Kubernetes Distributions

Avoid vendor lock-in and freely use the distribution of choice across GCP, AWS or Rancher while maintaining the ability to deploy, manage move and retire clusters and workloads across cloud or on-premises deployments.

Private & Public Catalogue

Share Kubernetes artifacts across the public catalogue or mark them private. Decide what you want to share with your team or the general public with granular control of onboarded products.

How does Ahasa Compare?






Why it is important?

Low-code canvas

The low-code canvas makes the solution creation easier through drag-and-drop containers (products) and is more user-friendly for those that are getting into Kubernetes. If you are a pro-coder, it supports advanced code configurations through the Ahasa YAML editor as well.

Ability to create solutions by integrating multiple containers

Ahasa supports integrating multiple containers (products) and is able to create complete and complex solutions that are ready to deploy

Multi-container deployment in multicloud environments

Whether its a single container application or multiple container applications, Ahasa makes it much easier to deploy into different cloud providers such as GCP, AWS

Pre-configure solution templates using multiple containers

Ahasa has capability to create solution templates for common cases which can be re-used by other users who have similar solutions and save time. They can use such saved tempaltes as is or modify it and use for deployment purposes.

Automated DNS

One of the key challenges with Kubernetes deployments is configuring the networking and DNS to provision the service. Ahasa takes away this pain and complexity by automatically configuring DNS for the application at the time of deployment. It's click-and-go in its truest sense.

Public cloud deployment

Solutions can be deployed into multiple public cloud environments, such as GCP and AWS. Ahasa will make any DevOps' life easy by simplifying the user journey and number of steps to deploy a solution