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What is Ahasa?
Ahasa - Private Catalogue
Ahasa – Product Onboarding via Helm Chart


Use Case : Deployment of Kubernetes products to multicloud environments
Problem : The technical complexity and the repeated manual tasks for each deployment per cloud environment
Solution : Templated and automated solution enabling to deploy into any cloud environment with few clicks
Use Case : Low-code based solution design to integrate Kubernetes containers
Problem : Time consumption in manual and repeated tasks in integrating Kubernetes containers to develop solutions
Solution : Low-code canvas to drag and drop onboarded Kubernetes solutions, integrate and deploy
Use Case : Manage and monitor deployed clusters in multicloud environments in a single dashboard
Problem : The requirement to login to multiple dashboards to monitor different clusters on multiple cloud environments and setup of alert policies for each
Solution : Single dashboard to manage and monitor clusters
Use Case : Data centre monetisation using Ahasa as a Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Problem : Inability to seamlessly allow enterprises of data centre owners to purchase infrastructure and deploy solutions in competitive markets
Solution : Low-code based solution deploy into multicloud environments with minimal steps with a shorter go-to-market time