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Ahasa for Enterprise

Ahasa provides a secure and private option for Enterprises to deploy their Kubernetes applications, such as Containerised Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Resource Management (HRM) systems - on their own infrastructure or in a private cloud. Ahasa delivers the great visibility that enterprise Operations Teams expect, while enabling cluster creation, management, and monitoring.

The Challenge: Your company needs to deploy Kubernetes applications (Containerised ERP, HRM etc.) to your own on-premises infrastructure.  

Our Solution: We will deploy Ahasa on to your company infrastructure. Which will enable you to onboard your Kubernetes applications. Thereafter, you can create, manage, and monitor solutions on Ahasa, and deploy them to the on-premises infrastructure.

We’re building tools that DevOps love

Design Kubernetes solutions by integrating containers on a low-code solution canvas

Deploy it on any cloud environment

It's easy to use with a great UX

Deploying Kubernetes 7x faster on Google Cloud & 10x faster on AWS

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See for yourself how Ahasa delivers the automation developers and operations want with the right level of standardisation, control and governance DevOps teams need!

Simple & Easy

Enabling 10x faster deployment on AWS & 7x faster deployment on Google Cloud, creating one solution with multicloud deployment capabilities. Helm Charts can be used or created to onboard products & clusters can be created with available templates. Benefit from the widely available support to manage Kubernetes & distribution for easy deployment and operations.

Effortlessly Integrate Containers through Low-code Canvas

Build and integrate complex solutions, with the ability to drag and drop applications to enable said integration. Enable design and integration of Kubernetes containers on Solution Design Canvas in one click.

Multi-cloud Deployment like a Pro

Deploy one solution on multiple public (GCP & AWS) & on-premises clouds (Rancher), in a single click. Manage all deployments in one window, while importing & managing clusters on existing infrastructure.

Add-on Catalogues

Enable own or public product onboarding for catalogue users. Benefit from support given for both private & public catalogues users.

Monitoring Deployments & Operations Seamlessly

Ahasa delivers a single integrated dashboard to visually see deployments and workloads across public & private clouds giving enterprise DevOps teams the optics and insights to manage their workloads across clouds. Ahasa also provides the required insights and reporting for cluster creation, management, and monitoring. Monitor all deployed clusters, all canvases created, and products onboarded from one dashboard. Along with the Grafana dashboard simplify all monitoring & operations through full visibility gained across all workloads.

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