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Amazon EKS Operations

Streamline Amazon EKS with Ahasa

Ahasa offers the deepest Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) integration in the market, enabling enterprises to deploy Kubernetes applications on Amazon EKS across public cloud regions, and VMware within their data centres. Through Ahasa, Solution Architects and DevOps Engineers can onboard Kubernetes applications and create solutions through Ahasa's canvas. Ahasa makes it 10 times easier to deploy Kubernetes on Amazon EKS!

We’re building tools that DevOps love

Design K8 solutions by integrating containers on a low-code solution canvas

Deploy it on any cloud environment

It's easy to use with a great UX

Deploying Kubernetes 7x faster on Google Cloud & 10x faster on AWS

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See for yourself how Ahasa delivers the automation developers and operations want with the right level of standardisation, control and governance platform teams need!

Make Kubernetes deployments simple and easy!

Design solutions by integrating Kubernetes containers through low-code and deploy it on any Kubernetes cluster across multicloud environments - in a single click!

Effortlessly integrate containers

Build Kubernetes solutions by integrating containers on a low-code solution canvas and successfully deploy on any cloud environment.

Multicloud deployment like a pro

Support on-premises and public cloud infrastructure when deploying enterprise Kubernetes containers on multicloud environments.

We've got add-on catalogues too

Access a public container-based product repository that allows you to design solutions while maintaining a personal container-based product repository. Use a Helm chart repository to onboard while using container-based products in your personal product repository.

Monitoring deployments seamlessly

Accessing all deployed clusters along with their usage, and all other cluster infrastructure-level statistics for better decision making. Check out the usage stats from Grafana & Prometheus through a dashboard with the inbuilt monitoring system.

Learn How to Accelerate Kubernetes & Streamline Operations